About us

ArtynKitsch is a brand curated by Segment.A, a leading jewelry select shop in Korea that has been showcasing various designer collections since 2007.

Segment.A, building upon its experience from introducing Fragments, once a prominent jewelry showroom in New York, has been pioneering designer jewelry select brands in Korea.

They have continuously dedicated efforts to introduce designer products from the United States and Europe to Korea, as well as discovering and showcasing Korean designers.

Their expertise in sourcing and showcasing a diverse range of jewelry designs is a distinctive strength of Segment.A.

In 2023, recognizing that many Korean jewelry designers dynamically develop designs and produce quality products at competitive prices, Segment.A planned a new in-house curated brand named ArtynKitsch.

ArtynKitsch aims to offer approachable pricing while pursuing fun and unique designs. It consists of tasteful and trendy items with a diverse range of colors. Composed of various collections overflowing with individuality and uniqueness, ArtynKitsch strives to add new designs and collections with vitality every season.